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Automate Mentor Matching Process for Appellate Lawyers

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The Appellate Project’s mission is to empower law students of color to thrive in the appellate field.

Project at a Glance:


Data Analyst

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

Airtable, JavaScript


  • The Appellate Project empowers law students of color to thrive in the appellate field by pairing them with mentors in their network. They were manually reviewing hundreds of applicants for their mentorship program, consuming a significant amount of time for their small team. In order to support their growing programs, they needed a solution to streamline and automate parts of this process.


  • Prometheus paired The Appellate Project with a data analyst who migrated the workflows and data for these programs to Airtable, allowing the organization to match mentees quicker and more effectively. The talent built custom web-based forms for mentor and mentee applications and created automated pairing recommendations using Javascript to match mentees to appropriate mentors. They also created email notifications to give applicants status updates automatically.

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“Prometheus offers unparalleled leadership, guidance, and professional excellence. You work with outstanding people. You acquire invaluable skills. You deliver measurable improvements to organizations that truly make a difference. Prometheus continues to be one of the best personal investments I've ever made.” -  Bryce (Data Analyst, The Cigna Group)

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