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Employers and Educators

We provide project management support and take care of operational hurdles so you can invest in your greatest assets – your talent and community.


Deliver meaningful upskilling opportunities to employees, while helping individuals and organizations in need.

Engage Your Team Members with Purpose-Driven Work

An employee that feels inspired at work is 125% more productive than a satisfied one. We create excitement with relevant, powerful projects designed to engage your team members and build morale.

Personalize Learning and Development

We tailor the employee experience, taking into account hard skills and technical stack knowledge, availability, leadership potential, and desired outcomes from a skills development and impact perspective.

Make a Difference

You have the power to improve the world around you. We connect your organization with social good partners, and provide a time-boxed, hassle-free structure for you to support their missions in an impactful way.

Prometheus provided opportunities for our consultants to grow in a professional setting. They further deepened their skills of stakeholder engagement and technical analyses.


Consultant Success Manager

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Connect your students to our cross-sector network of nonprofit partners and employers.

Upgrade Experiential Learning

Provide meaningful project-based work to your students, giving them the client-facing experience that makes their resumes stand out. 

Apply your curriculum

Enable opportunities for students to cement their
in-class learnings with real-world applications.

Give Back

Build relationships with social good organizations in your community, giving back to the causes that matter most to your student body. 

While the Prometheus program directly gives our fellows this amazing opportunity to apply their technical education through these projects, the greater learning our fellows are getting to walk away with is how they can leverage their knowledge to be change makers and leaders in the tech sector. This partnership has allowed our fellows to see what social impact work can really look like through an incredible professional experience! 


Program Manager

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