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Automated Email Marketing

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National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3) raises awareness for individual investors, community groups, and businesses about the strategies they can use to increase local and community investment.

Project at a Glance:


Data Engineer

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

Zapier, Mailchimp, Weebly, Google App Scripts, Google Sheets


  • NC3 spent countless hours updating their mailing lists by manually importing and segmenting their membership data from their Weebly website into their email marketing platform, Mailchimp.

  • In addition to time, these email lists were difficult to keep up to date since NC3 managed this information across systems.


  • Prometheus paired NC3 with a data engineer who developed a Google App Script that imported the membership data into Google Sheets and transformed the data into the file format required by Mailchimp.

  • The engineer used Zapier to create an integration between Google Sheets and Mailchimp that keeps the email lists up to date without any manual review or intervention.

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"Prometheus is providing a really amazing service. Prometheus helped us smooth out our systems, saving time and energy. They were also very conscious of setting up a system that we could maintain on our own, understanding that we don't have any programmers on staff." - Mica (Board Member, National Coalition for Community Capital)

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