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Business Intelligence Tooling for Arts Education

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National Guild for Community Arts Education works to ensure all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and advocating for community arts education.

Project at a Glance:


Data Scientist, Full-Stack Engineer

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

Salesforce Lightning, Form Assembly


  • The National Guild for Community Arts Education collected information on their membership through anonymized surveys in FormAssembly and their Salesforce CRM, but had no way of drawing the needed value and insights from the data.

  • They needed to better understand their membership in order to improve upon community engagement, organizational goals, and continuing to open doors for marginalized communities in the arts.


  • Prometheus paired the National Guild for Community Arts Education with a Data Scientist and Full-Stack Engineer to clean, model, and visualize this information to automate repeatable data analysis.

  • The development team integrated Form Assembly to Salesforce to automatically capture membership data, and developed a dashboard that displayed key metrics and demographics that automatically updates with new survey responses.

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“My experience working with Prometheus gave me the opportunity to mimic the process of how a real technical project/product is built. Everything from conversations with the client, technical research, working towards a new goal each week, product demo and handoff were things that I experienced.” - Jahsanni (Full-Stack Engineer, The Marcy Lab School)

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