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Capture SMS Data to Improve Produce Distribution

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The mission of Brighter Bites is to create communities of health through fresh food. Its vision is to improve health outcomes among children and families in under-resourced communities by using the data-driven, evidence-based strategies of providing fresh produce and nutrition education.

Project at a Glance:


Full-Stack Engineer

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

JavaScript, Wordpress, Microsoft Logic Apps, Microsoft Azure


  • Brighter Bites provides free fresh produce, nutrition education, and healthy tips and tools to help foster healthier choices and habits, setting families up for long-term health success. They notified families and teachers of these resources and events through text and email, but had no way of seeing if those resources were being used, or tracking if the links were clicked.

  • To analyze what resources and messaging were successful, Brighter Bites needed technical development support to implement analytics tracking of click-throughs for the links sent via text and email and store that information in their database.


  • Prometheus matched Brighter Bites with a full-stack engineer who leveraged the toolset that was already in use by the organization to collect the click-through information of the texts and emails.

  • The talent coded a JavaScript function on Brighter Bites’ website that created unique trackable links. Brighter Bites could then store these links in their Azure data warehouse through Microsoft Logic Apps to automate the process.

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"Where people come together for a good cause, amazing things can happen...I can't think of anything that Prometheus could have done better!" - Nicole (Full-Stack Engineer)

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