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Client Intake System and Database for Community Services

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Family Promise works with faith-based and community organizations to provide emergency shelter and basic needs to families with children who are homeless and to provide additional programs to assist them in finding housing and sustaining their independence.

Project at a Glance:


Computer Science Student

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

SQL, Google AppSheet, Looker Google Data Studio


  • Family Promise’s case managers conduct client intake for families, a time-consuming process that often requires them to collect duplicate information, and which risks manual data-entry errors.

  • Because Family Promise lacked a centralized data system,  they had neither workflows to optimize data collection, nor the ability to tailor and report on their services based on data analysis.


  • The team helped design a relational database to create a single record for Family Promise’s clients. This system enables Family Promise staff members  to access the information from a single source.

  • The team also developed a live analytics dashboard and reports on top of this data source using Google Looker Data Studio, providing Family Promise the ability to track client's progress through services and evaluate the impact of their services.

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“Prometheus is a great organization that allows me to exercise my skills to work on a project for a good cause… I was able to strengthen my skills working with data and my SQL skills. In addition, I got to work with new tool such as Google Looker Studio!” - Kathy (Student, Northeastern)

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