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Custom API Integration for Volunteer Information

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Mel Trotter Ministries battles homelessness through community partnerships and innovative solutions.

Project at a Glance:


Backend Engineer

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

API, JavaScript


  • Mel Trotter has a large volunteer network that provides meal delivery, clothing donations, hospitality, and more. They use Get Connected from Galaxy Digital to manage their volunteer network, but this data was not integrated to their CRM, Virtuous, that the organization uses to run daily operations.

  • Mel Trotter had to match the data in these two systems, a time-intensive process that led to volunteers getting missed or duplicated across the two systems.


  • Prometheus paired Mel Trotter with a backend developer to provide an automated data integration between Virtuous and Get Connected that not only populates volunteer hours as they get updated in their volunteer application, but also adds new volunteers to their system as they get onboarded. 

  • The developer built a customized integration using javascript, NodeJS, to connect the API’s from Virtuous and Get Connected. They also set up a database to help ensure data does not get duplicated across the systems.

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"Prometheus is an amazing company who does great work for nonprofits. As a nonprofit we have many needs which we can't always fulfill due to financial constraints. Prometheus came in and fulfilled one of our largest data quality needs...We would love to partner with them again in the future and will be highly recommending them to our local nonprofit affiliates." - Colin (Database Administrator, Mel Trotter)

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