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Web Application to Order Pylons and Prosthetic Parts

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Penta Medical Recycling brings high-quality, low-cost prosthetic care to middle- and low-income countries, while repurposing what would otherwise be considered medical waste in the United States. By turning donated hardware into viable prosthetic equipment, Penta helps restore mobility to those in need.

Project at a Glance:


Full-Stack Developers

Hours Engaged:


Skills & Stack:

Airtable, JavaScript, GitHub Pages, HTML, CSS, Google Analytics


  • Partner organizations can search for and request prosthetic parts by browsing Penta’s online database and viewing their product inventory. However, since Penta’s dashboard uses an external tool (Softr), it is difficult to customize and the process for identifying specific prosthetics or learning what’s in-stock can be time-consuming.

  • Additionally, Penta did not have product analytics to track usage of their platform and better understand their partners’ needs.


  • Matched with Penta through Prometheus, two Marcy Lab Fellows built a custom React application to provide an intuitive, feature-rich solution that streamlines the inventory requesting process. The new system allows users to easily search for items and filter by manufacturer, description, and product availability. 

  • The team also implemented Google Analytics to enable tracking and performance of the application.

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"Not only did Prometheus provide me with a deeper sense of purpose, allowing me to make tangible contributions to social betterment, but it also strengthened my expertise as a software engineer and granted me invaluable real-world experiences." - Julian (Fellow, The Marcy Lab School)

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