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Web Application to Track Malnutrition Treatment

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The Taimaka Project is a nonprofit organization that provides food and medicine to children with acute malnutrition in Gombe State, Nigeria. Additionally, Taimaka runs a microfinance program for smallholder farmers in the area to boost incomes and food security.

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  • The Taimaka Project has a small team and could not easily track a large volume of patient outcomes. For example, they wanted their medical partners to be able to track whether patients arrived at appointment referrals. To identify and share out best practices, they needed a cost-effective dashboard tool to follow patient care and track outcomes.


  • Using React, the developer created a dashboard web application that tracked Taimaka’s partner care facilities and key metrics for their team to maintain such as number of severe and mild malnutrition cases, discharges, referrals, and recovery rates.

  • To retrieve this data in a low-cost and accessible way, the developer then created an API to surface, filter, and calculate the needed metrics within the dashboard using the React Suite library.

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“Prometheus helps unlock your power to help others in ways you didn't know before… [I was] given the foundations to help others, translate high-level requests, and make an impact by doing the stuff I already love to do.” - Kevin (Student, Rutgers University)

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