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Stanford Data and Mapping Society

Cohort Spotlight


Stanford University’s Data and Mapping for Society program consults with local governments and nonprofits to provide an outlet for students to pursue solutions for public good. Prometheus partnered with the organization to curate data and analytics projects with partner nonprofit organizations, and supported project management for students from development to delivery. 

"I found a meaningful project that not only but also fit perfectly into my schedule but more importantly, connected me to an inspiring nonprofit and grew my skill sets in an entirely new field!" - Emily (Student, Stanford)

Student teams dedicated over 150 hours over Winter Term developiong digital tools for our nonprofit partners.


"Working with Prometheus has been such an asset to our organization. Their staff truly aims to understand the goal of the project and how it can best support the organization prior to partnering us with extremely skilled tech talent. It was an amazing project from start to finish and would recommend any nonprofit to utilize their services.” - Dwanita (Founder, Leading with Love)

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