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The Kubrick Group

Cohort Spotlight


Kubrick Group is a data consultancy providing 15-week programs specializing in data, AI, and cloud technology to their consultants prior to deploying them on client engagements. Prometheus matched consulstants on bespoke projects with impactful nonprofits in need of data support, supporting project scoping and management throughout the engagement.

“Working with Prometheus gave me the opportunity to expand my understanding of my own capabilities. This project with Prometheus really reminded me of all the opportunities to do good out in the world, and that there are avenues to do that through tech.”  - Bromley (Data Product Consultant, The Kubrick Group)

Consultants  dedicated  920+ hours over 3 months developing digital tools and strategies for our nonprofit partners.


Prometheus bridges the gap between a young consultant and a high value stakeholder by providing necessary communication and ground work that allows the consultants to solely focus on delivering a great product. ” - Trevor (Consultant, The Kubrick Group)
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