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The Marcy Lab School

Cohort Spotlight

Social Impact Capstone Program

Prometheus partnered with The Marcy Lab School to provide their students with a real-world Social Impact Capstone Program at the end of the 2022-23 Fellowship. The Marcy Lab School is a rigorous yet affordable college alternative that prepares underrepresented young adults to launch careers in tech. Prometheus connected Marcy Lab Fellows with five nonprofit partners, supporting Fellows as they developed custom software applications for each organization.

“[Prometheus] directly gives our Fellows [an] amazing opportunity to apply their technical education through these projects, [but] the greater learning . . . is how they can leverage their knowledge to be change makers and leaders in the tech sector. This partnership has allowed our Fellows to see what social impact work can really look like through an incredible professional experience!” - Laura (Program Manager, The Marcy Lab School

Marcy Lab Fellows dedicated over 8000+ hours over 10 weeks to develop 5 custom applications for social good.

Social Impact Capstone Program

“[Prometheus] provided [an] external support system . . . allowing me to be less of a manager during capstone and more of a coach. The best part of the Prometheus project management were the systems in place for all the teams that tracked their progress . . . [t]he lunch and learns were helpful and productive events that our Fellows learned from and will be able to carry their learning into the start of their professional careers. My overall experience working with Prometheus was great, and most of all, I saw huge growth in my Fellows!” - Carmen (Senior Associate Instructor, The Marcy Lab School)

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